John Glassey
MA (Hons) Psychology
Dundee, Scotland

The Introduction

I recently graduated with an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Dundee. At the moment I'm currently pursuing my passion of developing my computing skills, which include computer security, video editing, web design and learning advanced skills in various software packages such as Adobe Creative Suite and Office 2010. I am never more satisfied than when learning new skills, and like to keep on top of emerging technologies.

Early Years

When I was in my teens, I became hooked on computers and web design. In fact, when I was 16 I ran a successful online music magazine. This helped me realise the potential of the Internet, and ever since I have tried to combine my love of design, video and photography and showcase it online.

Current Work

At the moment, I am focusing on teaching myself as much as possible, and keeping my skills sharp. I am developing videos and short films in order to fine-tune my editing techniques, as well as working on web projects, in order to develop my portfolio. In my spare time, I am not only furthering my interest and skills in computing, but discovering new ways to be creative.

Looking Ahead

In addition to computing, my interest in psychology lead me to pursue a four-year Honours degree, specialising in eye-tracking, clinical psychology and language amongst other topics. The areas studied during my course have not only provided me with a great insight into the subject, but have also inspired me to think how to combine this knowledge with other disciplines, such as computer security and digital forensics.

Computer Systems

I have a broad knowledge of many aspects of computing.

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Good working knowledge of Access 2010, including database design, implementation and maintenance.

Also knowledge and experience of working with MySQL.


Typography and Design

Design skills throughout a number of mediums and software packages.

In addition, experience working with typography implementation, creating aesthetically pleasing content.

Computer Security

Computer Security

Knowledgable in safeguarding data, encryption, and all applicable laws relating to data protection.

Related skills include keeping computer systems secure in terms of protecting against computer viruses, malicious software, spyware and phishing.

Statistics and Data

Statistics and Data

Can use statistical package SPSS to analyse data.

In addition, good knowledge of Excel 2010 spreadsheet software.

Experience in dealing with and processing large datasets.

Social Networking Advice and Integration

Social Networking

Advice on how to integrate social networking into your business.

Can set up appropriate site profiles and help with explaining and understanding each specific site.

Coding Capabilities

A current list of coding languages I can use.

Adobe Software

In video, web and image media, I use the following.

New Skills I'm Learning

I'm always up for new challenges. Here's what I'm learning right now.

● Graphic Design - colour principles

● iPhone Application Design

● Photography


University of Dundee

MA (Hons) Psychology

Honours Year

Cognitive Science and Psycholinguistics

Clinical Psychology

Science and Psychology


Anticipatory processes in sentence processing:

Effects of a verb's trajectory information on eye movement to a specific location.

Third Year Subjects


Biological Psychology

Social Psychology

Individual Differences and Abnormal Psychology


Developmental Psychology

Psychological Research Skills

Other Subjects Studied

Environmental Science

The Physical Environment

Environments for Life


A World In Crisis

A World of Plenty

Computing & IT

Communication and Information Technology

Introduction to Computer Security

Introductory Programming

Computer Architecture and Operating Systems